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Laureen Waters, widely known as Laurie, is a seasoned professional with a diverse career journey. From her role as a criminal justice paralegal to owning successful businesses in heating and air as well as the restaurant and bar industry, Laurie has showcased her versatility. Before her 2017 diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer's at the age of 52, she served as a senior representative for a major pharmaceutical corporation. Laurie is a dedicated advocate for Alzheimer's awareness, having held positions such as Alzheimer's Ambassador for Congressman Norman, a global advocate and speaker, 2021 Early Sage Advisory board member, and more. Despite facing the challenges of Alzheimer's, Laurie continues to make a significant impact as the co-founder and President of the NGO: Paint Clover Purple, co-host of T&L WTD Let's Talk About It Podcast, and one of the co-founders of the Walking the Talk Institute.